About Per Grankvist

Per Grankvist is a writer and an author focused on corporate sustainability and ethics. With several critically acclaimed and best-selling books on the topic in the field, he’s considered to be a thought leader and the foremost expert in his field in Sweden, a country in itself viewed as a forerunner on sustainability.

Lågupplöst. Foto: Anna Hållams
Photo: Anna Hållams

Mr. Grankvist has studied more than 500 companies in Sweden and around the world on how they use sustainability as a way to drive profits. Some of the well-known brands included on that list are Barilla, BMW, GE, Ikea, IBM, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Patagonia, UPS and Volvo.

He’s regularly invited to keynote conferences and present to corporate audiences such as Coca-Cola, H&M, Manpower, Nasdaq and Panasonic. He’s also lectured at universities in Sweden, Norway, Poland, China and Mexico.

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